Bike #3
"Rat Rod Trike"



Serial # GNP04L17920

Date of Mfg: ??/??/2004

This bike has now become the base bike for the "Rat Rod Trike"
aka "Frankentrike"
I am now tearing this bike down to use parts off of it for "The Mule " to make her a ridable bike.
This bike is now the base frame for the "Rat Rod Trike"
still a lot of work to do on it.
Have the first side setup and welded
Test fitting bottom tube extention
mockup of frame
yeah it is wide, 31" deck width
Top tube laid out
Here is the reason for the wide deck
Main part of the frame together with a top brace
Rolling chassis with top tube now in place, need to finish the drive train and add brakes yet
Mock up of the jackshaft for the mid-drive
Everything tack-welded, and now for the test fitting
Everything lines up good so far
Shaft welded and ground down (for now)
Not pretty, but looking for function not form right now
Yeah, I know the welds look like crap, but have not done any welding in 30+ years, so deal with it.
Jackshaft in place, lined up, all I need to do now is add the derailluer, brakes and the chains


New Disc Brake
Installed on the trike
new bars
as she sits now
Now comes the fun part
designing the fenders for it
thoughts or suggestions welcome
Currently the trike is at 100% ridable, yeah I know my welds look sloppy (that's what a grinder is for, right?), and it needs a lot of cosmetic work, but it is a "ratrod" so for me at this time, as long as it is ridable and does not fall apart on me when I do go to ride it, I will be very happy.
As time goes along I will continue to work on this and get all my welds cleaned up and get a good paint job on her.
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