Bike #2
"The Mule"

Serial # CNP04L10333

Date of Mfg: 11/15/2004

Day 1
This is my working platform that will be used for trying
thing that I want to do with "Blue"


The "Mule" as she looked when I got her home
Needs some work but is a ridable bike
The "Mule" as she looked when I got her home
Handlebars are pretty rusty
Rear fender has a bunch of rust on it
Decals need to be replaced
No cranks, pedals, or chain
Pacific Cycle date code sticker showing a build date of Nov 15th 2004
The Following pictures are as she looks right now
Added crank, pedals, chain, handgrips, and GPS mount, changed handlebars
Still need to add a chainguard, clean up the forks, fender, and cranks
and possibly a banana seat and sissybar to this bike, all in all it is a fun
bike to ride.
My custom made GPS mount
1/8th in aluminum plate (was a tool box divider)
notched for the clip on the GPS case
GPS in place and working
This actually works quite nicely,and since this bike is just used mainly around
the neighborhood I need to design one to work on my cruiser bike that I use
for our longer rides (10 miles plus).
New Seat experiment
new seat on the mule
closer look
cut seat post from original seat pan and then used my 4" angle grinder to cut a slot in it, and added the quick release from the MB to it, once that was done I took the seat post from my Next Mongoose MB and put this new Schwinn seat on it that Debbie had ordered for her bike but did not like, I then inserted, the MB seat post in the original Schwinn seatpost (it is all the way in the tube and sits on the bottom lip). It works quite well and gave me enough distance back from the original that I now can get full extenstion when I pedal, it is also quite comfortable to ride now (we went on a 3 mile ride tonight after  I got it all done and my back and knees did not hurt when we got done), all in all I feel that this will work fine on "Blue" when she is finished.
New headstem and handlebars installed
Time to add the lighting system
2 1/4" chrome bullet light that I had from my truck driving days with a halogen bulb in it.
custom made headlight mount
made from the same plate that the GPS mount was made from
new light mounted
another view
Night Shot (the fence in the background is 75' away)
looking down the driveway
75' away in front of the bike looking at the bike
New taillight set
these are Amber LED marker lights that also came from my previous life as a truck driver, these will be swapped out for red ones as soon as I find them.
Night shots
New bars on the Mule (25")



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