Bike #1

Serial # CNP05B00621

Date of Mfg: ??/??/2004

Day 1
Quite ugly and abused.
Previous owner had rattlecanned the frame an ugly gold color,
without doing any prep or even taking the bike apart.
There is gold overspray on everything.
And so starts the teardown and transformation.

Well since the frame on this bike was tweaked from getting run over by a car
It has now been chopped up and is being used for the Trike project that I am working on


Both brake handle mounts are broken and need to be replaced
Right brake handle broken
Lower Tripletree and front reflector
Lower Tripletree left fork retention bolt
Lower Tripletree right fork retention bolt
Paint overspray and rust everywhere
Tripletree top plate
Front brake disconnected and not working
Tripletree disassembled and removed from bike
Tripletree top plate
Forks with Tripletree top plate removed
Rear fender after removing it from the bike
Rear fender second shot
Rear fender bottom side

Damge found so far:
A) front forks so tweaked from getting run over
they are un-usable and need to be replaced.

B) both brakes are broken and will be replaced
and will be replaced with single rear brake
possible disc brakes on this bike.

C) pedals, sprocket and chain will need to be
replaced as they have been scavanged for the "Mule"

Beyond the problems listed I have not found anything
majorly wrong with the bike.

And now starts the rebuild
Tripletree repainted flat black
Tripletree ready to go back on the bike
And now the decision making starts
I am undecided as to go bobber with no fender
or go with custom full taildragger fenders front and rear
Also trying to decide as whether to go with Black or White.
Thinking possibly Black basecoat, then laying out pinstriping,
then going with a White topcoat, with the exposed Black pinstriping
Picked up a small media blaster this weekend and will be
stripping the frame sometime this next week.
My Homemade media blasting booth
My media blasting rig  ($39.95 at Harbor freight)
Inside where the magic starts
My media recovery system
Maybe not the best system in the world but the total cost was less than $50
now if only the weather would cooperate, hard to do any media blasting with
the humidity so high.
I finsished blasting the frame today and was able to get it into primer
Now comes decision time as to color, I have some paint left over from a previous project that I am thinking about using (IF I have enough)
Decided to go with White on this one. I still need to do another coat or 2 and then shoot the clearcoat on it.
testing different color combo's for the rims.
This is a bad rim off of the "Rat Rod" bike, the rim has been flattened in one spot and has caused the seam to separate slightly also causing the rim to "goose egg".
This is just test fitted to see how it will look when I finally put everything together, I still need to clean and paint the rims, get the brakes put on it, put a chain, handlebars and set on it yet. I am going to replace the cranks and sprocket with a larger one to get better cruising ability out of it, also am looking at adding a 3 speed interal hub to it.
Well as I go along I keep finding more and more things wrong with this bike, the rear frame is about 1 inch out of whack and needs to be pressed back straight, and the neck and top tube are about 1/2 in out of alignment. I am going to check with a bodyshop just up the street from the house and see if they have a press that I could use to get this frame back in alignment, if not it will be cut up to make the trike I want to build.
Trying out an idea that I saw on another bike
I created my own threadless headset from one of the headsets I had for the choppers and then used the head stem from my old Mongoose MTB.
Not the prettiest job but it is stable and straight
As you can see I cut the original head stem off at 4.5 in and then cut an equal amount off of the head stem from the Mongoose, I then found a seat post that fit inside them and cut a short section of it to use for both added strength and for alignment purposes.
I then used a wire welder and just spotwelded around the entire stem, then used my belt sander to knock off the ruff stuff and make it a little smoother.
This headstem is now on the "Mule" and seems to work just fine for a quick throw together.
Starting to come together now

I did custom painted whitewalls, have painted the top tripletree white and added the front crank and rear derailuer from the Mongoose MTB.

I have to add a front derailuer and shifter, and put the brakes back on it with a new cable and then it will be ready to ride.

The tooth count on the front gears are 28t, 38t and 48t. I will be looking to change those out though at a later date for a 28t, 38t, 52t set.

Shifting system and chain mockup
Headlight I am planning on using on the bike
1.5 in halogen 12v
I will be using 4 of these for turn signals and 2 red ones for the taillight/brakelight.



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