Radical SR3 RS


Radical Sportscars is a small company located in Peterborough, England with about 65 employees that just happens to make some of the most exciting open-wheel cars on the planet, and its SR-3 RS is making its Need for Speed debut in SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED.

With 210 horsepower bursting from its 1.3-liter four banger, the SR-3 RS re-defines the term ‘pocket rocket’, burning from 0-60 in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 147 mph. It’s fast, so hopefully you can keep it on the track in SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED.


Engine Specifications
1.3L 4cyl
210 HP
130 LB/FT
0 - 60 MPH
3.8 sec
Top Speed
147 MPH


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