Porsche 911 GT2


Intended for well-heeled Porsche enthusiasts who want to feel a street-legal race car, the 911 GT2 is a serious contender on the track if put in the most capable hands: Porsche test driver Walter Rohrl lapped the Nurburgring on a public test day in his GT2 in seven minutes, 32 seconds.

Aside from the differences in performance from the standard 911, the GT2 also has a revised front lip, new rear wing which has two small air inlets on either side, increasing downforce, and an altered rear bumper, featuring titanium exhaust pipes and shark fin outlets.


Engine Specifications
3.6L Flat 6
523 HP
505 LB/FT
0 - 60 MPH
3.3 sec
Top Speed
204 MPH


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