McLaren F1


Even though the last McLaren F1 rolled off the line in 1998, at the time of this writing – January 2011 – the F1 is still the fastest naturally aspirated car on the planet, and has only been passed by four other production cars in sheer top speed. With the rev limiter removed on its 6.1-liter BMW V12, the F1 has a staggering top speed of 243 mph, and rumor has it that when you reach top speed, your body melts into the F1s driver’s seat. In the interest of playing it safe, drive the F1 in SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED.


Engine Specifications
6.1L BMW V12
627 HP
480 LB/FT
0 - 60 MPH
3.2 sec
Top Speed
243 MPH


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