Lexus LFA


With their staggering sticker prices, most supercars cater to the upper crust of society, the rich, famous and elite. The Lexus LFA takes that attitude one step further: it’s so exclusive that nobody can buy it without first signing a two-year lease. Toyota took this direction with their 552-horse V10 halo car in an attempt to dissuade speculators, who buy limited-production vehicles and wait for their value to go up before re-selling, a common occurrence with the McLaren F1. To qualify for the lease program, you need to put down $298,000 at signing and cough up an additional $12,400 in monthly payments. It sounds expensive, but once you take the LFA out in SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED, you may have the sudden urge to start clipping coupons.


Engine Specifications
4.8L V10
552 HP
354 LB/FT
0 - 60 MPH
3.6 sec
Top Speed
203 MPH


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