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Welcome to Redrkt Racing.
My name is Ken Swan and I am the Team Principal for Redrkt Racing, I run under the username of redrkt.
This site went live on the internet this year with the intent of becoming the most comprehensive site for GT5 outside of Polyphony Digital.
I hope that my goal to do this is met with approval of the GT community and I willingly and gladly accept any and all input from the community.

You can email me here with any information about the cars or tracks that are in GT5.

History of Redrkt Racing

Redrkt Racing was founded in 1998 when Gran Turismo first hit the market for the PSone.
Since that time, I have continually upgraded thru the series and consoles. Today I am running GT5 Prologue on the PS3 Slim with a 650gb hard drive.



Redrkt Racing hires new driver.

Redrkt Racing is proud to welcome Dustan Smoke to our ranks. Dustan will be competing in the WoO Sprint Car Series on the PS3.

Dustan brings with him a wealth of racing knowledge and the ability to handle a sprint car with expert control and precise passing.
Dustan will also be in charge of the entire off-road racing program here inclucing R&D and scheduling of all racing events for that department.


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